Short Term Mission

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Short Term Mission

We offer many short term mission opportunities

“Honestly, I thought I was going to be doing a lot of physical work but it turned out to be more spiritual/emotional work.”

Ever consider spending a year in China teaching English as a second language? Or working with children, visiting prisoners and working with refugees in Thailand?

Whether you are interested in short term mission or a longer commitment, we have many mission opportunities and some flexible scheduling.

Short Term Mission Trips to Africa

Follow in the footsteps of Pope Francis and experience the JOY of Africa and its people. Maryknoll’s mission trip to East Africa will engage with the people of Kenya and Tanzania, exploring our common bonds of global solidarity and availing deep cultural immersion.

China Teachers Summer Program

Helping third-year medical and nursing students with spoken English. This involves small group discussions and oral drills in four class periods per day.

China Teachers Program

Ever consider spending a year in China teaching English as a second language? Our China teachers program offers a unique opportunity to share and live out your Christian calling by educating young Chinese university students.

Taiwan Gap Volunteer Program

As undergraduates prepare for graduate school and/or begin their professional careers, there usually is a ‘gap’ period of time when they can give of themselves in service to others. This is a perfect opportunity to come to Taiwan to live out the Christian faith and participate in God’s Mission among the people of the world.

Tanzania Volunteer Opportunities

In the East African nation of Tanzania, there are a number of volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups. You can volunteer for one to three months.

Thailand / Myanmar Mission Trips

In Thailand, volunteers work in varied projects in Bangkok. A minimum commitment of six weeks is required. Volunteers have the opportunity to work in a number of capacities – teaching English, working with children, visiting prisoners and working with refugees.

Bolivia Mission Immersion Program

Immerse yourself in mission in the context of this diverse country. You can volunteer for six weeks up to one year, or bring a group of eight-to-15 people for a one-to-three week educational exposure trip.