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Short Term Mission

Ever consider spending a year in China teaching English as a second language? Or working with children, visiting prisoners and working with refugees in Thailand?

Immersion and Study Programs

Come to Kenya where we teach, systematically, contemporary cultures and religion of East Africa in such a way that students begin to appropriate and articulate an African perspective. Or come for an immersion experience in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Tanzania/Kenya Mission Trip

Join us Feb. 22 to Mar 12, 2018 for Maryknoll’s mission trip to Kenya and Tanzania. We’ll engage with the people of East Africa, explore our common bonds of global solidarity, and enjoy deep cultural immersion.


Join us for Maryknoll's 21st Annual Retreat to Central America

Discover why these wonderful men and women — caught up in situations of civil war and persecution — were able to give their lives as witnesses of Jesus Christ.

Mission Stories

Mission Education

Mission Education

Through mission education, Maryknoll helps U.S. Catholics recognize their vocation By Deacon...