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Appalachia Immersion Trip

What do orange water, coal dust and American chestnut tree seedlings have to do with Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter Laudato Si? Join us on our annual immersion trip/pilgrimage to the holy land of Appalachia to find out.

We spend five days in the eastern Kentucky region of Appalachia learning about the natural and human ecology there, including the effects of extraction industries on the land and the people. We’ll also meet and learn from those local grass roots activists who work to restore the health of God’s creation. Our trip is in collaboration with Glenmary missioner Fr. John Rausch who has lived and ministered in Appalachia for decades and is an expect on the issues there.

August 3 – 6, 2020

Program Includes:

  • Pre-trip orientation
  • On-site introduction to the cultural, economic, and spiritual realities in Appalachia from leaders of the community
  • Areas demonstrating the effects of mining, and mining reclamation
  • Practical simplicity: living off of the grid
  • Opportunities to learn from community redevelopment projects
  • Visit to a church inspired health clinic which treats the uninsured of the region
  • Post trip debriefing and reflection

Program Costs:

  • Room, breakfasts, lunches (participants responsible for their dinners) and transportation: $650
  • Participants are responsible for air travel to and from Lexington, KY

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