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Maryknoll will offer your campus ministry, college or university a different mission experience!

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As you know most colleges and universities offer service programs for their students. Many of these programs involve local volunteer work close to the university or in poor regions of the U.S. Then, there are some that offer international study programs, but still only a few offer service opportunities overseas. By teaming up with Maryknoll, your college or university can strengthen its overseas service opportunities.

Your campus ministry may appreciate the fact that we view service trips with Maryknoll not so much as task oriented but as a spiritual encounter. One comes in greater touch with oneself, one’s faith and the people one encounters in the host country. There is a cross-cultural exchange that broadens one’s vision of the world, its people, one’s faith in God and how that is shared by others.  It also deepens one’s appreciation of the baptismal call to be a messenger of God’s love, mercy and compassion in this world.  In other words, to be a missioner!

Personally, for seven years, I’ve worked with campus ministries welcoming university and high school groups for three weeks of volunteer service in Tanzania during their summer vacation.  Over the years, students always commented on how the experience broadened their vision of the world and their appreciation for people of other cultures.  They often reflected on how their Catholic faith was deepened through the experience overseas.

Let’s see how we can partner with your campus ministry in welcoming our young adults to exercise the call to Mission.


Father Mike Snyder, M.M.


Campus Ministry

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