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Group Volunteer and Immersion Programs

Does Maryknoll pay any expenses for my group?

While Maryknoll will offer hospitality whenever possible, Groups themselves are responsible for all expenses. Maryknoll will serve as a resource for continued involvement with mission and global concerns.

Are these trips the same or can they be tailored to my group?

The focus or content of these mission trips can largely be tailored to the interests of a given group, although certain elements, such as getting to know Maryknollers and some of the local people with whom we serve in mission, will always be included.

What kind of work would my group be doing?

Because we want participants to focus on learning rather than on “helping,” immersion trips do not involve volunteer work. There will, however, be opportunities to spend time getting to know communities where Maryknoll missioners live and work.  Short term volunteer group trips will involve ‘work’ which will be contoured to best fit the group’s make-up.  This may include tutoring students in English, working in programs for youth and the handicapped.

What kind of activities and experience can my group expect on this trip?

  • Groups will be introduced to mission as they meet Maryknoll missioners and people involved in a variety of ministries.
  • Groups will engage in daily prayer and reflection on the experience.
  • Maryknoll will organize presentations and sharing around the social, political, economic, cultural, and religious realities of the country.
  • Participants will visit diverse historical and cultural sites, projects, organizations, and communities.

What groups and organizations are eligible?

Groups from universities, parishes, activist organizations, and others are invited to work in collaboration with Maryknoll in organizing volunteer and immersion trips lasting 2-3 weeks.