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Jamaica Mission Immersion Trip

Jamaica Mission Trips by Maryknoll

Discovery the incredible energy and passionate stories of the people of Jamaica!

Leaving the comfort of home to meet our brothers and sisters in another land is a meaningful way to encounter Jesus, inspired by kindness and love.

Maryknoll has been witnessing God’s call to mission for over 100 years in combating poverty, providing healthcare, building communities and promoting human rights around the world – we invite you to join us!

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What You Can Expect on this Mission Trip…

Work/Service Projects

Mission Trip Work/Service Projects - 3 out of 5


Cultural Immersion

Mission Trip Cultural Immersion - 5 out of 5


Relational Ministry

Mission Trip Relational Ministry - 4 out of 5


Physical Challenge

Mission Trip Physical Challenge - 2 out of 5


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More about this Mission Trip…


  • Experience God in new unexpected places as we visit orphanages of disabled children, local schools, select families, and cultural sites.
  • A look at the ministries of the Catholic Church in Jamaica, including tours of the church sponsored ministries, such as the Diocesan Clinic and Hope Hospice for AIDS patients.
  • Daily communal prayer, liturgies and theological reflection
  • Credits for Continuing Education


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