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Jamaica Mission Immersion Trip

Jamaica Mission Trips by Maryknoll

Discovery the incredible energy and passionate stories of the people of Jamaica!

Leaving the comfort of home to meet our brothers and sisters in another land is a meaningful way to encounter Jesus, inspired by kindness and love.

Maryknoll has been witnessing God’s call to mission for over 100 years in combating poverty, providing healthcare, building communities and promoting human rights around the world – we invite you to join us!

Mission Trip to Jamaica

Immerse yourself with the Jamaican people and their church, and experience how we are linked to the Jamaican people in the bonds of global solidarity.

Ministers / Deacons (& Wives) •  Religious Educators  •  Singles  •  Couples

  • 7 Days (May 9 – 15, 2019) – mission trip begins and ends in Montego Bay, Jamaica, with occasional day trips via a van.   Registration DEADLINE: April 15, 2019
  • Package includes: 1) pre-trip orientation; 2) 5-hour Missionary Disciple Formation Program; 3) On-site introduction to the cultural, economic, and political realities of Jamaica by Jamaican leaders; 4) Introduction to the current realities and context of mission in Jamaica and around the world; 5) Daily communal prayer, liturgies and theological reflection; 6) A look at the ministries of the Catholic Church in Jamaica, including tours of the church sponsored ministries, such as the Diocesan Clinic and Hope Hospice for AIDS patients; 7) Visit to orphanages for disabled children; 8) Visits to historic and cultural sites; 9) Post-trip debriefing and reflection; 10) Credits for Continuing Education; 11) all-inclusive, in-country accommodations (room, meals and in-country transportation).
  • Approximately $850 per individual. Accommodations at the Diocesan Mission House,  all bedrooms have private bathrooms.
  • Participants are responsible for air travel to and from Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Passport is required. Please note that a passport card is not acceptable for air travel and passports must not expire within six months of the travel dates. (Visa not required)— please check with your doctor regarding vaccines

“There was no shortage of joy during our one­ week excursion. It wasn’t only seen and heard; it was felt. It penetrated the depths of my soul and settled there, shaking me from my slumber. I can run down a long list of things we have at home that Jamaica doesn’t. But what Jamaica has and demonstrates in abundance—unashamedly and indisputably—is joy.”

Don M.

“I found God in my fellow pilgrims and missionaries who shared their journey and experiences. Most of all, though, I found God within myself. The living Word of God made its presence known to me by the people I met in Jamaica. My heart recognized the unconditional love of God and his love for his people. God’s spirit welled up within me and overflowed to all I met during my time in Jamaica.”

Rosina H.

Scored as:  1 (very little)  —>  5 (significant)

What You Can Expect on this Mission Trip…

Work/Service Projects

Mission Trip Work/Service Projects - 3 out of 5


Cultural Immersion

Mission Trip Cultural Immersion - 5 out of 5


Relational Ministry

Mission Trip Relational Ministry - 4 out of 5


Physical Challenge

Mission Trip Physical Challenge - 2 out of 5


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JamaicaLanguage: English & Jamaican Patois (or Patwa)

Major Religions: Christianity

Under British rule for over 300 years, Jamaica gained its independence in 1962.

More about this Mission Trip…

Maryknoll Jamaica mission trip visits orphanages in 2016


  • Experience God in new unexpected places as we visit orphanages of disabled children, local schools, select families, and cultural sites.
  • A look at the ministries of the Catholic Church in Jamaica, including tours of the church sponsored ministries, such as the Diocesan Clinic and Hope Hospice for AIDS patients.
  • Daily communal prayer, liturgies and theological reflection
  • Credits for Continuing Education


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